It's almost Christmas and it's time for that epic battle to get your hands on the gift stores for something that would make the perfect Secret Santa, White Elephant gift. C'mon, we know you like to get a big reaction from the crowd that'd make you cringe - love it, hate it or own it!

Here are some of the gift ideas that are sure to make you and everyone laughing!

1. The selfie blanket
Okay, so there's a huge reason why this is one of the most re-tweeted and Instagrammed gift for the last two years - because it's too cool, IKR!

Can you imagine yourself, gifting your Ms. Rose a special gift that contains a huge, larger-than-life face of yourself on a soft fleece blanket to snuggle and cozy up with during the winters? And you were thinking too hard for the perfect Christmas gift? You're welcome!

2. The Meme Fun
Who doesn't like a good meme? Trading good memes over Facebook and Whatsapp is the sole proof that you both are best friends! Print your favorite meme that never ceases to make you laugh or create your own custom photo blanket, it's sure to make a lot of eyeballs go round!

3. The Emoji Pillow
Our favorite emoji is the red dancing girl, what’s yours? Now imagine it on a custom built photo pillow. You can also add the recipient's name to it while playing Secret Santa for some blushes!

4. Cringing Motivational Posters
Have you got awkward photos of yourself? Well, you're not alone then. Now imagine a    generic uplifting message added to those photos - or how about the punchline of your favorite inside joke that makes you cringe and jump at the same time? Thank you!

5. For the Nap Lover Friend

Everyone has an annoying family member who loves to take a nap and have something like a superpower for napping at the most unexpected places! Make it even with them, by taking candid (and embarrassing) photos of the person as they are sleeping and put it on a blanket or photo pillow! There, you get a picture of it, right?

6. The Face Puzzle

How much do you remember your partner's face? Try to show off your memory with the most difficult puzzle in the world - Face puzzles and tease it even more by setting up a timer as you solve it! Hugs and kisses would follow - guaranteed!

7. For the Tweeple

This is made popular by the Daily Show who made this hilarious tweet blanket that's perfect as a gag gift for the social media-obsessed person on your Christmas list! You just need to find the most hilarious tweets they’ve had in recent times.

8. Sappy Pillowcase
Be it for any random person at the holiday party, personalized pillowcases are always a welcoming gift. Print your selfie on it and drift off to sleep filled with dreams of those moments.

9. Cheesy Calendar
Gifting yourself with something that can help you get around all through the year are some of the best gifts you can own. Strike a cheesy pose for every month and make your own beautiful calendar.

10. The Magic Mug Reveal

Let your imagination run wild with a magic mug that reveals a secret photo only when the mug gets hot - it can also be made of some of the most hilarious texts to annoy your friends even more!

With some of these hippiest gifting ideas for the much-awaited (much-dreaded) game of White Elephants and Secret Santa, we’re sure it would fetch you a lot of compliments, cringes and epic moments as well!