Beautiful Collage Photo BlanketWe don't only want you to know what occasions are best for photo blanket collages (the answer to that would be any and all). We also want you to know a few tips and tricks to designing them so that they come out as nicely as possible. We want you to be 110% pleased with your project.

There are keys to taking great photos, some of which can be found HERE but there's definitely more to it, especially when designing a collage. You don't want your project to turn out a cluttered wreck.

TIP 1: Less Is More

That statement has never been more true that it is now, when we're discussing the wonderful creation that is your photo blanket collage. If you choose to design a collage photo blanket that utilizes panels, you've got less to worry about. However, if you choose the option that allows the photos to bleed into and out of each other seamlessly, then you'll want to choose a collage that doesn't have too many people in each photo. Try centering the group photo so that the rest of the photos in the collage surround it. The other photos would best serve the collage if there are no more than 3 people in each shot. With 9 people in each photo, and 7 photos in your collage, too much will be happening. You don't want to lose control. You want just enough to gaze at each face.

TIP 2: Theme's Are Fun

If you're creating a blended photo collage to gift to one person, you may want to theme the blanket. Some fun options might be:

- Over the years
- Color themes (the receiver wearing a favorite color)
- Graduation/Scholastic achievement
- Holidays (Halloween costumes through the years)
- Sports (Shots of this person playing their favorite sport)

There's a lot you can do with this concept. And the most important thing to remember is the person you're giving it to. What will they like best? What is that person's personality like? You want to create a blanket that suits them. And though you may want to inject a little of your own personal tastes in there, try to refrain. This is a gift. And, hey, you can always go back later and have fun creating a 2nd blanket for yourself. No harm in treating yourself every now and then.

TIP 3: Color Is Your Friend (Sometimes)

Color is one of the themes we mentioned above in Tip 2. And while we do think you can have a lot of fun mixing and matching colors, things can get a little messy if you're mixing photos with different color qualities. If you have all grey-blue toned photos and one that's sepia toned, try to make the sepia photo the special standout. Try to inject as much uniformity into the collage as possible. Again: you don't want the eyes to get too lost in the collage. You want to be able to enjoy looking at it. Color is certainly encouraged, just be careful with it. You hold a lot of power in your design hands here. With that comes great responsibility! ;)