5 Amazing Personalized Wedding Photo Blanket Gift Ideas

The wedding season worries those getting married and those attending the weddings. The most often thought question is, “is this the right gift for the bride and groom on their big special day?” Yes, you can get them some china or that multi- utility mixer but you will be among three other people who got them the same thing. Instead of this, you can get something more personal for them, something that will make them cherish their big day every time they look at it. They might be blue, new, old, or borrowed, but above all, they must be personal. Wonder what that is?

A wedding photo blanket! A blanket, wall art, or even a throw that is personalized will definitely make them appreciate your love. Customized, personal gifts are always the most thoughtful, and nothing is more thoughtful than a short note or a photo blanket with a picture of their big day.

Don’t just get them something that is going to end up sitting and catching dust in a drawer or cupboard. If you’re going through the trouble to get them a personalized wedding or bridal shower present, then it's best to make sure to get them one that they are going to be using on a daily basis, or that is going to be home décor that they’ll love having in their living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

This brings you to the next question, how do you customize it, right? How do you choose the right blanket or the right photo or the right message? Here are a few tips!

Before picking out a photo or a message, decide what you want it on. You could pick between a blanket, a wall hanging, or a throw. Once you have picked that, you can get in touch with the parents of the couple and pick out photos from their wedding to make a collage out of it. You can include a little message with the details of when they first began dating or when they got engaged.  Either way, this gift is something they’ll cherish for years to come. Since photo blankets are woven, the image will not fade. If you cannot pick a message or a photo, the last option is to simply include their names and the date of their wedding and a nice personal message of hope and love.

Here are 5 ideas for you to pick from:

1. A blanket/ afghan throw with a photo collage

2. A blanket/ afghan throw with a photo of the couple

3. A blanket/ afghan throw with the family tree on it

4. A blanket/ afghan throw with the details of the wedding or the engagement

5. A blanket/ afghan throw with the wedding date and a personal message

This gifting idea will definitely fall into your budget. It will take a week for your blanket to be created and another week for it to reach you so make sure to plan it right.

Personalization does not mean any of the products are of low quality. We at The Memories Place use products made from the best in quality. We understand that personalization for wedding registry gifts can cost extra in many instances, so you must make sure that the product you’re personalizing will last long after the special day.

Wedding days only come once in a lifetime, and it really is fun to find personalized presents that can help to make your friends’ house into their happily ever after. Always go for high-quality personalization options on the ideal gifts and you’ll be sure to bring a smile to their face every time they look at it and remember the event, their groomsmen and bridesmaids, and all the fun they had.

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