With everything thememoriesplace.com has to offer, it still can be tough to settle on the perfect design for your blanket. Don't worry, we're here for you! From picking photos to adding those special details, we hope this quick guide can help you decide the design of your blanket like a pro:

Tip #1: Focus
If you're like us who likes to have hundreds of photos of your ‘special someone’ or have got plenty of cute pics of your pet got into doing cute things, then making up your mind for the right pictures may take a little time and insight. Remember, a crowded photo blanket can be devastating since it won't come out impressive, rather overwhelming. Also, a little-blurred image becomes a completely blurry image when printed on a large scale. Happy fishing for the best shots!

Tip #2: Choose the right blanket for you

After shortlisting the photos, it's the time to pick the best blanket for you - for which you need to know the actual purpose of the blanket. Do you need something for display? Then Smooth Fleece or Woven Image would add the perfect spice to your living room couch. Or are you looking for a light and breathy one to wrap yourself into? Then Sherpa would suit perfectly to help you stay warm in the winters. All the blankets come in a variety of sizes as well - from baby to bed-sized.

Tip #3: Design
With the difficult part set aside, now the fun begins with the endless exploring for various designs that you can add to the blankets from any computer or device. We also offer you some of the best-designed templates and shapes to make it exactly as you need - with little extra decoration but with no extra cost.

Tip #4: Fix Up Your Photos

Do you need to remove some of the extra backgrounds in photos? Now you can crop the photos right from the design-builder. Once you click on any photo that you want to crop, you can select the Crop tool to do the rest.

Tip #5: The Touch of Personalization

We provide several options to help you make the blankets even more interesting by adding a custom background and text options. It really makes the design stand out with custom colors and unique patterns.

Now that you've put so much of your time, hard work and heart into making the blanket - it's time to reap the sweet rewards. Arriving in around 2 weeks after the order is shipped domestically, you can find the best deal and price only at: https://www.thememoriesplace.com/