5 Personalized Photo Blankets to Celebrate Your Newborn Baby

Newborn babies are absolutely precious and bring so much joy into the world when they come. The family that receives a baby automatically becomes happier for there is a new life to celebrate. The initial years of the baby are so beautiful that as parents or well-wishers we want to cherish and capture each and every moment. Photos are one way of capturing a moment but there are lots of other options as well for one to explore. There are so many ideas and options for the best gift you can give.

Some wonderful gifting options for a newborn baby are given below.


1. Personalized baby photo blanket

You can get a blanket made with the baby boy or baby girl’s photo on it. There are lots of options available too. You can customize the size of the photo of the child and the details you want on it. The date of birth, sun sign, weight are some of the details people tend to put. Some people also put verses from their Holy Scriptures or quotes they love. A blanket can be made with the baby’s photo in the center and a strip of solid color around it, if it’s a boy it can be blue and if it’s a girl it can be pink. If you want you can break that trend and switch the two colors or get different colors entirely.


2. Personalized baby photo blanket with patterns

Some other patterns for this idea include replacing the strip of solid color around the photo with designs and prints. You can get blocks, animals, bells, or literally anything you want around the baby’s face to make it even cuter. With your chosen color as the background, adding cute decals make the blanket memorable and more cherishable.  People get elephants, flowers, animated characters, fruits, letters, or even random drawings for the border pattern.


3. Personalized baby photo bed covers/bedspreads

Blankets are smaller in size and might not have the same effect a big bedspread would have. Parents love nothing more than seeing their baby, even if it is a large version of it! There are different sizes of blankets that you can get made as well. You can go in for a bedspread for a double bed with all the details you want like the initials, the date of birth, the time of birth, the name of the parents, and even the weight. A bigger blanket will have the baby’s face enlarged as well, so you should decide on that accordingly.


4. Personalized baby towels

You can get bathing towels or hand towels with the photo of the baby and gift them to the parents. This is a memorable and yet efficient gift you can give, for the parents to use for the child itself. Make sure to pick the right fabric that is not harsh on the skin and get it personalized with the photo of the baby or just the initials of the child. Parents tend to appreciate gifts that can be used for the child along with decorative pieces.


5. Personalized baby photo tapestry

You can go in for a tapestry instead of a blanket as well. If you want to gift something that can be hung on the wall and can be seen regularly and cherished, a nice afghan tapestry with the baby’s photo on it would be the ideal gift. This can be put in one place as a decorative piece without the hassle of washing it regularly and ruining it. Some parents might not be comfortable with the idea of their baby’s face on a blanket which is used as a cover or on a towel so this is the ideal gift for them.  You can get a tapestry made just with the baby’s photo or one with the family photo or even a simple one with the baby’s initial on it so that it can be used even the baby grows older.


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