7 Collage Photo Blankets Ideas for Your Dear Ones

In times when we are looking for a good gift for our dear ones, it is important that we buy them something that they cherish. Many times, people do not get good gifts for their loved ones because they tend to buy the same trendy gifts that they see commonly on social media platforms. It is important that we make our loved ones feel that special bond they share with us with a gift that speaks volumes. 

The Memories Place understands that each one of us is looking for new exciting gifts for our loved ones. With that purpose in mind, we have come up with a list of these exciting options for gifting on our website. 

In this post we are sharing our well-loved and popular gifting item, the collage photo blanket. It is something that you should put your money in if you are looking for a proper gift for a loved one. We have detailed 7 ideas that you can go for when purchasing!

1. Graduation Gift 

This is an occasion that requires a grand celebration. A celebration that is personal and heart-warming. Presenting your kid who just graduated with a Photo Blanket with all the pictures of life phases would be the best thing to happen. Digitally designed and woven into the fabric, The Memories Place, uses your favorite graduation pictures to recreate the moment to experience again and again. 

2. Gift for your Grandparents 

Give your grandparents an innovative gift they’ll truly appreciate. Design custom photo blankets for your grandparents using pictures, names, and special messages. With us at The Memories Place, you can customize a beautifully embroidered blanket for your grandparents, that will remind them they are loved every time they use it. 

3. Memorial Collage 

An alternative to flowers, choose our memorial blankets as a tribute in remembrance of the dearly departed. A warm and soft blanket, personalized with features that allow you to cherish your loved ones is a lovely gift option for someone who is grieving. We have many designs for one to choose from. You can add quotes or photos as per your choice. We hope that you choose this comforting option when thinking of a gift for your loved ones. 

Honor and cherish the memory of a loved one in loving memory blankets, or keep your furry friends close by with unique pet memorial blankets that feature their cute photos. 

4. Father’s Day 

Celebrate your father in your life with our customized photo blanket. The design features a collage of beautiful pictures and special messages. Delicate, soft, and bright, this is the perfect blanket for picnics and cozy winter snuggles. 

5. Mother’s Day 

Wouldn’t you love to wrap your mother in a blanket full of love and show her how much she means to you? At The Memories Place, you can find beautiful custom printed blankets for mothers. You can add beautiful pictures and special messages to express your never-ending love. 

6. Wedding Day

A wedding photo blanket! A blanket, wall art, or even a throw that is personalized will definitely make the wedding couple appreciate your love. Customized, personal gifts are always the most thoughtful, and nothing is more thoughtful than a short note or a photo blanket with a picture of their big day.

If you’re going through the trouble to get them a personalized wedding present, then it's best to make sure to get them one that they are going to be using daily, or that is going to be home decor that they’ll love having in their living room, bedroom, or kitchen. 

7. Pet Collage 

When one thinks about it, there are many small moments in life that give us joy. Owning a pet almost always is one of them. It gives us immense pleasure to own a pet. And the same should be reflected in the things we make to remember them and cherish them. The Memories Place comes to your rescue in these situations. We make sure that we preserve the memories of you and your pet by creating a special blanket that features photos of them. These can come to your aid and remind you of them when you are feeling low. And is also a great means to keep your pet always close to you.

As far as the specifications are concerned about the blankets, we are happy  to tell you that they are 100% cotton, and woven on Jacquard Looms. We have many sizes, and we are also ready in case you need a customized size for the same. The blankets can be customized with photographs that you think will be best. 

You simply select photos that you want on them, and we ensure that the same are properly incorporated on the blanket. The maintenance of the blankets is simple as they can easily be machined washed with a mild detergent. As far as the design on the sides is concerned, the blankets have a fringe on the side to add to their charm. 

We at The Memories Place make sure that the entire process is easy and hassle-free satisfaction is guaranteed along with our products. We have curated many blankets for people who desire to design the same for special occasions. We recommend that you buy these blankets for your loved ones. Visit our website for more information!

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