7 Family Photos You Should Take This Fall
1. Jump Into the Leaves It's the reason the season gets its name: fallen leaves. As the weather changes, the leaves change colors and begin to fall. Chances are, you have a few piles of leaves in your own backyard. Do you remember how much fun it was to jump into the leaves as a young child? Your little ones most likely have just as much fun! Jumping into fall leaves for your family photoshoot is a wonderful idea. It's fun and unique, and your children will have a blast! What comes from children having fun in the leaves? There will be tons of smiles, and tons of smiles mean some awesome family photos! 2. Find Favorite Fall Activities When trying to come up with some good fall photo ideas, think about all your favorite fall activities to do with your family. Does everyone enjoy visiting the pumpkin patch, riding the hayride, or finding their way through a corn maze? When you plan your next fall family outing, be sure to bring your photographer with you! Sometimes, the best family photos are genuine photos of the family enjoying their time with one another. Rather than trying to get everyone to sit still to pose for a photo, why not get some candid shots of the family having a blast on the farm or in the pumpkin patch? You can also still gather everyone together on the hayride or in the pumpkin patch to take a family photo of everyone sitting together as well. 3. Choose a Theme With Props Family photos are fun when you choose a theme and bring along some props. There are plenty of themes you can choose from that'll work well with fall. Prepare a wardrobe for the whole family and let everyone have a prop. For example, you can do a fishing shoot and have the children carrying a fishing pole and a tackle box dressed in overalls. You can choose to go back in time and take photos on a haystack next to a water well in old-fashioned clothing. The choice is yours! Find a theme that everyone will love and don't forget to have fun. 4. Go the Urban Route When you think of fall photos, you most likely think of leaves, haystacks, and cornfields. These fall photo ideas are great, but they're not your only option. You can go the urban route and take fall family photos in the streets of downtown as well! With the right wardrobe and the sunshine hitting just right, you can create some awesome fall family pictures in an urban setting. Even though downtown might not have as many trees and fields, there will still be enough colors in the background to create a beautiful photo. You can even add in some more color by posing on painted chairs and a table at an outside section of a coffee shop, or something similar. 5. Let the Browns Surround You If you don't want there to be too much color, then you should let all the shades of brown surround you. The browns of fall are perfect for your family photo and the neutral colors make it easier to select appropriate clothing for everyone. If you're in an area where there's more brown during fall than anything else, then consider taking your photos right before sunset. As the sun sets, it'll cast light on the brown around you, creating a glow. You can bring fall colors into the shoot by wearing bright, fall-colored clothing. 6. Walk Through a Wheat Field Speaking of shades of brown, a walk through a wheat field is a wonderful way to capture the entire family for a fall photoshoot. The tall wheat stalks look amazing when the sun hits them just right. You and the family can consider wearing all white with brown boots and jeans. You can also consider wearing clothing with bright fall colors to help bring out those shades of orange, yellow, and red if desired. There are a few props you can bring along too to make it more of a fall shoot, such as a wagon (or wheel barrel), some pumpkins, and even a picnic blanket. 7. Have Fun on a Wooden Swing When you visit fall farms and festivals, do you ever notice a wooden swing nearby? Some of these fall festivals have wooden swings for kids and adults alike to swing on. They're a lot of fun and make for a wonderful photoshoot idea. Dress the family in your favorite fall attire and then go have fun swinging on the swing! Your photographer can snap some amazing family photos of everyone having fun on the fall playground. What Type of Family Photos Will You Take This Fall? Do you have a better idea of what type of family photos you'll take this fall? We hope you were able to find an idea or two on this list you love. If not, keep in mind that your photographer will have plenty of other amazing ideas to go over with you as well. Are you in need of some great ideas on what to do with your family photos or how to gift them? Family photos are wonderful gifts and can be made even more personal when transformed into pillows, blankets, and more! Click here to see how your family photos can be transformed today!

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