The Memories Place specializes in woven photo blankets. The advantages of woven images on a blanket over all other options are what make our blankets so popular. It's also why we have so many repeat customers. While our competition and the larger companies like to print a photo on a blanket, we understand that the best, lasting quality comes from woven images.

What is the major advantage of an image woven into the blanket? An image that is woven, rather than printed, will stay in the blanket forever. As long as the blanket is kept in good condition the image will last with the blanket. Printed images, on the other hand, wear quickly. Spending money on a blanket that only lasts a short amount of time doesn't make good sense.

Another advantage of woven images is you can wash your blanket with confidence. Washing a printed image on a blanket will wear the image off the blanket very fast. If you use the blanket frequently you will want to wash it more often. So if you plan on curling up with your blanket, investing in a woven option is your best choice. Always wash the blanket in cold water and air dry or use the gentle cycle. And no photo blanket should be washed in bleach.

If you plan on using the photo blanket as a decoration you may be tempted to purchase a printed blanket rather than woven. However even if a blanket is on display, keep in mind that an image woven into the blanket won't fade. Natural light will fade a printed image, while a woven blanket will be able to be displayed anywhere in your home, near light or not.

A woven photo blanket is often more thicker than a printed blanket. You can print images easily on lighter fleece blankets, however for a truly durable blanket, woven is best. The fringes on a woven blanket help with the durability of the blanket, especially if you have pets that like to scratch and claw at everything in the house.

For the best woven photo blankets choose The Memories Place. We are a proud “Made in America” company, with every dollar you spend staying right in the USA. For more information on how to order visit our FAQ section today. For photo tips and tricks and to see examples of our work, follow us on Pinterest.