One of the most common concerns we are asked about is about photo quality. When you create a photo blanket you want to use the best images possible. Most of the time pictures straight out of your phone will work and help create a perfect blanket. Sometimes you need to give the photo(s) a little T.L.C.  How do you start? There are thousands of photo editing apps out there, enough to make a novice photo editor a little hesitant. But don’t fret there are a number of them so easy to use (and free!) that you’ll be able to send us the best photos without too much effort.


GIMP is my personal favorite free photo editor. It exists primarily as software for Windows, Mac or Linux. There is an Android version, however I don’t recommend it. But for a free, on your computer editor, GIMP is a must. It makes it so easy to resize, rotate, crop and do other basic tasks. But GIMP is for heavy duty editing too. It’s the best way for you to transform your photo however you see fit. While it’s a bulky program, you’ll find any answer to “how to” do something on GIMP with a simple Google search. 

Google Photos

Google Photos is becoming the most popular way to quickly edit photos. For some simple retouches, I find the app and desktop versions work fine. But for more professional edits you’ll want to go back to GIMP. But if all you need to do is resize an image, use Google Photos. Why? For some reason, I've found that resizing even tiny images through Google Photos won’t pixelate the image. What does that mean? Sometimes if you have a small image and try to make it big the image becomes blurry, in a sense. With Google Photos you can adjust any image size within reason without having to worry.


Polarr is another great app choice and the most simple to use for various editing tasks. While Google Photos offers the best resize options, it’s other editing options are limited. Polarr, on the other hand, can do about as much as GIMP can, all on your phone or tablet. Polarr is one of the best mobile apps for color correction. If you have red eyes, for example, Polarr is consistently voted as the best way to fix that issue. It’s also so easy to navigate that you won’t feel overwhelmed if you aren’t an expert.

Don’t forget that your own phone may have a decent simple photo editor as well. Try to touch the photos up on the native app first, if you can. It’s easier and will save you some energy having to potentially transfer pics back and forth.

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