Did you know that Grandparents Day falls on the first Sunday after Labor Day each year? As each year passes, the president actually issues a proclamation to keep Grandparents day in effect. And as wonderful as our grandparents are, we can all agree that it's an important tradition to keep alive.

This special day is celebrated across the states in many different ways. Many schools even set up a grandparents day breakfast or other special activity where the students can invite their grandparents to the school to participate. But as the day approaches, are you prepared to celebrate with your own grandparents?

Put aside some time to dedicate to spending with them and then surprise them with their very own customized photo blanket!

Marking Grandparents Day

In 1970, Marian McQuade began a campaign to establish a national day that would be geared towards celebrating her grandparents. She also dedicated herself to bringing awareness to senior citizens. And in 1978, President Jimmy Carter declared September 8th the official day for grandparents recognition. 

Not only do our grandparents have their own day, but they also have their own song and flower as well. "A Song for Grandma and Grandpa," written by Johnny Prill is the official Grandparents Day song. The forget-me-not flower is Grandparents day official flower. 

The National Grandparents Day Council took the time to delicately select both. Other than these Grandparents Day aspects, the day is now mostly dedicated to spending time with grandparents and showing them just how much you appreciate them. However, it's sometimes hard to decide what to surprise them with when searching for the perfect Grandparents Day gift. 

Showing Your Appreciation

Now it's time to show your appreciation. Finding that perfect gift is difficult. Shopping for grandparents isn't easy and yours have probably told you that all they want is to spend quality time with you. 

However, it's still important to you that you gift them with something special that they'll use every day or enjoy having in their home. You've already covered their walls with framed pictures and custom-made arts and crafts, so what's left to give? Consider customizing their very own photo blanket. 

A photo blanket is a great way to present them with all of those lovely pictures that their walls no longer have space for. Fill their custom blanket with pictures of them and you together, pictures of the entire family, a loved pet of theirs, their great-grandchildren, or pictures of anything else that they hold dear to them. Your options are endless when selecting what pictures to display. 

You can create a picture collage or choose just one heart-warming photograph to expand the length and width of the entire blanket. As your grandparents become older in age, their skin becomes thinner and keeping warm is much harder for their bodies to do. They'll appreciate a warm blanket with a heart-warming photo on it to keep both their hearts and bodies warm. 

Showing Your Condolences 

A photo blanket is also a way to show your condolences to those that have lost their grandparents or to a grandparent that has lost their spouse. Maybe your parents have recently lost their own grandparents or your closest friend no longer has his or hers. No matter what the circumstance may be, they'll love a customized photo blanket to cherish memories with. 

Have a photo blanket made with your grandparent's spouse that has now passed away or have one made with a photo of your mom and her grandparents who have now passed. With photos as close to the heart as these, the photo blanket will be a cherished item for years to come. You won't have to worry about gifting someone an item that is unwanted, regifted, or never used. 

Choose a gift that everyone will hold close to their hearts and don't forget about yourself as well. If you've recently lost a grandparent, then it's essential to show condolences to yourself. Customize your own photo blanket with pictures of you and your grandparents together. 

Accept the fact that it's okay to purchase something for yourself once and a while and it's even more important to do so after losing a loved one. This is something that you'll forever cherish and you won't have any regrets about spending the money on it.

Customizing Your Photo Blanket 

Now it's time to customize your photo blanket. Think about who you're giving the Grandparents Day photo blanket to and what the circumstances are. Knowing this is the best way to ensure you select the best photos for the blanket. 

When gifting to a grandparent, it might be best to select a fleece blanket. Fleece blankets are great for keeping bodies nice and warm. When gifting your blanket to someone who has lost a grandparent, then consider selecting a collage photo blanket

With this option, you'll have the ability to choose multiple photos that display favorite memories. The options are endless, but one thing is for certain — whoever you gift the photo blanket to will love it, even if you're giving it to yourself!

The Perfect Way to Celebrate

A customized photo blanket is the best way to celebrate Grandparents Day. It's a gift that'll never be regifted or exchanged. Are you ready to customize your very own photo blanket?

Get started today by registering for an account. And don't forget that blankets aren't your only option. Be sure to check out our photo pillows, bags, and totes as well!