Custom Beach Towels (And Other Beach Party Favor Ideas)

Three Reasons to Have Custom Beach Towels in Your Party Favors

1. Custom Means Claimed

Ever get so caught up in the crowd, you forget where you put your stuff? 

Us too. 

Keeping everything in one place is much easier when you can easily spot a custom towel among the rest. If everyone has a custom towel, no one has to wonder where their stuff is. 

This is a unique and convenient bonus use for custom beach towels every time your friends take them to the beach. 

2. Someone Will Forget a Towel

No one likes being "that guy". Save your friends the trouble of forgetting beach towels by giving them a backup! 

Now they are prepared for the whole weekend, or they can use the extra as a pillow while they lay out. 

Either way, your custom beach towels save the day and make the beach party that much better for your guests. 

3. Add a Personal Touch 

If everyone gets a custom gift, how do they know which one is theirs?

Simple, add a cute note or a small gift when you wrap the custom beach towels. 

You can take a rubber band and scrapbooking paper to wrap the towel for a sturdier hold than a ribbon. The paper doubles as an excellent surface to write everyone's name or an inside joke. 

Another cute idea is to glue something to the paper like printed out beach balls and umbrellas. 

If you really want to make sure everyone is prepared for some fun in the sun, tie a small container of sunscreen on top. This ensures everyone has the essentials! 

You can also go all-out with a combination of a custom towel and more party favors from our list below. 

The Best Beach Party Favors to Pair with Custom Beach Towels

1. Tote Bags

Is your beach party celebrating a special event like a wedding or graduation?

If so, you probably have guests coming from far and wide.

A casual way of showing your appreciation for their journey is a custom tote bag. It also is the perfect place to put all the goodies you want to treat them with! 

Totes come in handy and last a long time. This party favor can be used when hanging by the pool and going on the beach. It can even make a cute statement piece at sunset dinner. 

2. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are probably as commonly forgotten as towels. Or, they get lost as soon as someone jumps in the ocean. 

Keep your guests happy in the sunlight with a pair of special sunglasses for the occasion.

You can even add a cute slogan on the side. This is a fun way to remind them of the occasion long after the sun sets and the party is over.  

3. Funky Floats

Create the best photo-ops at your beach party and give everyone a funky float ready for its Instagram debut. 

Fun floats have been a huge hit for summer events, and they are not just for the pool. They are the perfect way to take the party to the water and enjoy the waves. 

Imagine everyone at your party running around with their different floats! 

4. Cute Cover-Ups

Are you hosting a bachelorette party or big birthday?

Celebrate in spirit with cover-ups for the whole squad.

This makes sure everyone shows up in style for happy hour at the tiki bar. It is a fun way to play up your big day, and it can help keep the group from getting separated, too.  

5. Mini Speakers

Keep the party going all day long with mini speakers. 

If you are planning a weekend getaway, you can't have enough battery life. Instead of relying on one speaker, having multiple back-ups is always a good idea. 

When everyone has one of their own, the tunes are good to play from sunrise to sunset! This can also be a fun way of mixing things up if you choose to allow each speaker owner to play DJ for a while.

6. Custom Tumblers and Sipper Cups 

Whether you are just trying to stay hydrated with some water or if you want to kick things up a notch, you need something to drink out of. 

Custom tumblers and sipper cups are a fun way of telling drinks apart and keeping them cool. 

Tumblers can be simple and sophisticated while sipper cups can come in fun beach-themed shapes like pineapples and shells. Don't forget the silly straws!

7. Beach Games

Planning to stay on the beach for most of the festivities?

Make sure everyone has fun with beach games in their party favors. 

You'd be amazed at the joys an inflatable beach ball can bring. Other options include hydro footballs or beach discs. Or, take advantage of another photo-op by including kites in the party favors! 

8. Hair Ties 

Even if you have a mix of guys and gals in attendance, there can never be enough hair ties. 

These go missing left and right, which means your friends will be extra thankful for the back-ups you toss in their totes.


9. Beach-Themed Bottle Openers

For adult occasions, bottle openers are a must. 

This is another item you can't have too many of and a unique way to go back to the memories later. 

Beach themed bottle openers can look like mermaids, anchors, or starfish, to name a few. 

10. Drink Sleeves

No matter if you are sipping from tumblers, solo cups, or cans, a drink sleeve is a beach essential. 

It helps identify your can from someone else's and looks much nicer in pictures. Some sleeves also have little pockets to store items like IDs and credit cards. 

A Beach Party to Remember 

Parties are where the memories are born, and party favors are what keep them alive long after. 

No matter what beach-themed items you choose, do not forget to order custom beach towels! 

Custom prints are something no one expects and everyone appreciates. Create an account to order yours today. 

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