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Custom Photo Throw Blanket for Pets

Posted by Randy Jones on 8/14/2015 to Photo Blankets
We take photographs of our animals as often, if not more often than, we take them of the rest of the family. 

Unfortunately, the lifespan of many of our animals is much shorter than our own, which means we mourn for our animals more than we would like. That's where a custom photo throw blanket comes in. 

By using your favorite photographs to create a large photo blanket, or a few images to create a pet collage photo blanket. Either way, its now possible to immortalize your pet in a completely acceptable and heart-warming way. 

 Non-pet owners don't understand the connection we have to our animals. We cant blame them, its only once you have experienced it that you really understand it. 

Photographs on walls, ashes in boxes and old collars placed in points of interest around your home can cause a raised eyebrow or two. So celebrate your pets life in a way that everyone can appreciate, especially you. Celebrate them with a custom photo throw blanket that shows them off at their best. 

Hang it on a wall, use it as a throw, or blanket, however you want. Just make sure you use it, and celebrate the life of your pet when they are gone. While we wont go as far as to say our custom photo throw blankets have healing powers, the images represent memories that can be quite powerful. Once you're over the initial mourning period, you'll never be without your pet again. 

Rather than leaving your pictures to languish in an album or on a hard drive to never see the light of day, use them to celebrate the life of you and your pet. Do it in a way that will raise a smile instead of shedding a tear. Immortalize your animals on a custom photo throw blanket, its simply the best way. Choose from a selection of sizes and styles. Have a large image across the entire piece, or select a few images to have as a collage. 

Whatever you want, however you want it. Thats the benefit of custom photo throw blankets from

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