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Decorate your home with memories

Posted by joanna wilkerson on 8/24/2015 to Tips & Tricks
Decorate your home with memories. 

Take picture frames and photo albums one step further by bringing them to life. Choose an image, or multiple images and upload them to The Memories Place

From there, you can create a personalized photo throw from a single image that spans the entire fabric, or a collage that arranges the images in a truly creative way. What better way to celebrate almost anything than with a personalized photo throw? 

The hardest part of using a personalized photo throw is choosing what pictures to use. You have the freedom to select a single large image to cover the entire blanket, or a series of images to create a collage. 

If you own a digital camera, you will no doubt already have hundreds of images taken of all aspect of your life. If you have older photographs, they are easy to digitize and use on a photo blanket. Even the oldest sepia prints can be made to look astounding with modern digitizing software and careful application. 

So, while digital photography dominates now, it isn't the only way of getting photographs onto a personalized photo throw. These personalized photo woven blankets don't have to be used as a simple throw either. They could just as easily be used as a comforter on a bed or a wall hanging. 

Many homes use tapestries and decorative fabric to adorn their walls, a photo throw fits this bill perfectly too. 

Ordering a high quality personalized photo throw from The Memories Place ensures you get the best quality material with the best quality photo reproduction. If you're looking to cover furniture or celebrate times gone by, a personalized photo throw is a great way to do it. 

Find an image, upload it, choose a blanket and wait for it to arrive. Thats all there is to it!

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