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Design a Picture Blanket

Posted by Jeff Anderson on 10/28/2015 to Photo Blankets
For the longest time, the only people who could design a blanket with pictures were graphic artists and printers. You had to have specialist knowledge, training and equipment to produce work that could be imprinted onto fabric.  Then you needed the equipment to do it, which was very expensive indeed. 

Fortunately, as time and technology has moved on, that’s no longer true. Now anyone can design a picture throw blanket. All you have to do is find a retailer like The Memories Place who can weave your pictures into a blanket and make something truly exceptional in no time at all. 

They no longer cost your first born, in fact, they now cost not a lot more than a plain, high quality cotton or fleece blanket you can buy in department stores. 

The cost of printing and designing a blanket with pictures is at an all-time low. Which makes it the ideal time to order one! The typical ordering system will ask you to choose a size of blanket, as they come in a range of sizes and shapes. Then it’s time to choose the style of photo blanket from a range. It could be a single large photo that covers the entire fabric. It could be a collection or a couple, or some pictures. How you design a blanket with pictures is up to you. 

Create a collage, add text, add graphics, a further design, mix and match periods of time, or immortalize a single event. Whatever you want, you can have. If it can be printed, it can be done. Use your imagination when you design a blanket with pictures and the end result will be better than you could imagine. 

The opportunity to really make them personal is what makes photo blankets the perfect gift. When you design a blanket with pictures, your own personality shines through in your choice of picture, choice of event or time. It becomes truly yours. When you design a blanket with pictures for someone else, your personality mixes with the recipients to provide something truly original. Your memories, their memories or joint ones. 

If you choose something that is personal to you both, you create a gift that is truly second to none.

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