The Memories Place is launching a brand new segment in our blog. We've heard from so many of you over the years. Our photo blankets are the highest-rated online for a reason. And our quality keeps customers coming back. We want to share some of their stories with you. Each blanket we create tells a unique, personal narrative. And on these blog posts, you're doing to hear from some of our customers about how their photo blankets have impacted their lives, or the lives of their loved ones!

We're happy to launch this feature with one of our best customers, Patty Stein. Patty has purchased a number of blankets from us over the years, and according to her "nothing makes people happy like a photo blanket." Learn a little more about Patty and her family:

1. How many blankets have you ordered from us? Describe as many as you are comfortable with sharing.

I have ordered 3 blankets so far and I am in the process of putting together more pics for my nephew for his mom for Christmas. (Shh, no one tell Patty's nephew's mom!)

2. (If you gifted any blankets) Please describe in as much detail as you can how the recipient felt getting their photo blanket(s). If they were for you or your immediate family how did everyone else like them?

My husbands sister celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Everyone at the party we amazed How beautiful it was made and put together. Then I ordered one for My sisters 70th birthday. She cried. She lost her son and brings it each time she goes on a road trip and displays it at home

We recently celebrated my other sisters  70th Birthday. EVERYONE couldn’t believe how the pictures were place so exquisitely put on the blanket and just such a remembrance to have.   

3. How are the blankets used? 

The blankets are used as a throw and also for decoration. They are remarkable!

4. What keeps you coming back to The Memories Place for your custom gifts?

It was my husband's idea to get the first one and I keep coming back. John has been such a wonderful help patient with no matter how often I have changed either the placing of pictures or just adding more. He truly is remarkable and so helpful. The blankets and quality are perfect.

5. What can you tell someone who might be on the fence about ordering a photo blanket from us?

The price is reasonable and the turn around time is perfect. They say you get what you pay for and with The Memories Place you truly do along with awesome customer service. I would tell everyone it's just a perfect place to have a memorable item made. I have had such a great experience in all of my orders. I will continue to order them for everyone’s special day or occasion as you can never replace happy memories in ones life! What better way to preserve those moments.

6. Is there anything else you'd like to add about your experience?

You can’t replace those special moments so by having them on a blanket they are always with you. All I can say is in 2 years when I turn 70 someone better get me one ??

We want to thank Patty and her family for the kind words and her consistent business. Our customers are so valuable to us and we have enjoyed working with Patty to create the perfect gifts for her! 

Want to be a featured customer? Feel free to let us know and we would be glad to feature your experiences in this blog. Click here to email our marketing team today!