Spring is just around the corner and that means more opportunity for outdoor photos. Whether you’re doing a selfie, photos with friends, or a family shoot, Spring offers a lot of opportunity for unique and fun pics. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for fun Spring photos:

Cherry blossoms are some of the first, and early Spring blooms. While Washington DC is the most popular destination other popular cherry blossom cities include Nashville, Seattle, Brooklyn, NY, Dallas, St. Louis and Boston. Pictures with newborns while the blossoms are blooming is a great family photo tip! When shooting flowers, don’t feel pressure for up close photos. Everyone does them and you’re better off being unique with a wide shot with friends and/or family.

Embrace the rain during the spring because you might not be able to avoid it. Active weather patterns shouldn’t lead to photoshoot cancellations. Instead embrace the showers and captize with some shots in the rain (with an umbrella of course). 

Portraits are among the most popular photo “types” in the Spring because of all the natural elements that offer possibilities. Photos of the kids enjoying the warmer weather are always a popular choice for families. But singles can aim for a new profile pic in a lovely Spring garden!

If you love nature, Spring is a great time to shake off the dust of being indoors all winter and go outside. Because of all the aforementioned weather, waterfalls are usually most photogenic in the Spring. With all the water rushing due to Spring showers, waterfalls are a great location for an early wedding photo shoot, or a good place to take some pictures after a long hike. 

Another fun photo idea for the Spring is at special events. Easter lunch is a great chance (and a rare one) to get the whole family together for a portrait. Festivals, like Mardi Gras offer a wonderful chance to capture you and your friends in the moment. St. Patrick’s Day is a very popular day for parades all across the country. Make sure you capture your favorite person marching in this year’s parade with a low-angle shot that will be a perfect gift to him or her.

However you enjoy Spring, make sure to capture your favorite moments on a photo blanket! A collage photo blanket is a great way to preserve the memory of your Spring adventures. For more photo tip ideas visit The Memories Place on Facebook and like us today!