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Honor Your Military Family and Friends with Photo Blankets

Posted by Johnny Lercari on 5/27/2016 to Photo Blankets
Service in any branch of the military is a duty that is not to be taken lightly. When a friend or member of the family is part of the military, it is important to support and honor their service. When they are deployed and leave their spouses and children behind, it can be quite difficult for everyone involved. You can honor the military service your family and friends are giving their family a personal gift. Placing a photo of the deployed person on a blanket makes a great gift. It can be something a spouse can use on lonely nights. It is also a great gift for a child who misses their parent. Blankets offer a special warmth that many other gifts do not. Blankets are perfect for snuggling on a chilly evening or sleeping under at night. Having a personal touch on the blanket can actually make it extra special. The picture of a military loved one can make a blanket a touch point in the long wait for them to return. It can be something to snuggle with at hard moments. It can be something to wrap a crying child in. It can be something to hug when no one is there to give a hug back. All of this is why giving a personalized blanket is a great way to honor a military loved one. Who can you commemorate with a military photo blanket? Active duty members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines Members of the National Guard Those who serve in the Coast Guard Veterans who have served in the past Members of the family who served in past wars Those that serve in the military are taking time out of their lives to serve their country. Taking the time to gift their family with a special photo gift is an excellent way to recognize that service. Do you know of a family with a service member deployed right now? Is someone going to be deployed soon? Now is the time to make the order for that blanket. Get a photo that shows the service member in uniform. It can be a formal photo or one with them in regular gear. Then get the blanket order going. Within a few weeks, you can have the blanket ready to present to the family. It is a great way to honor a service member deployed to serve their country. Visit for Honorable Photo Blankets for your military member.

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