Vacation season is winding down as adults go back to work and kids return to school. In today’s digital age, if you didn’t take tons of pictures on your vacation, it’s almost like you weren’t even there. Some families even hire professional photographers at their destinations to capture the magic of their family fun. All those photos, likely on different devices can create an organizational mess. But there are a number of ways you can organize your photos so the whole family can enjoy them for years to come!

One of the best ways to stay organized is to remove the photos from your phone or camera as soon as possible. Storage on cameras and phones allow for up to thousands of pictures, however each night of your vacation you should spend some time taking your photos off those devices and saving them on a laptop or cloud service. There you can organize them by day and you’ll have the time on all the files for easy access. You’ll also be more inclined to individually title smaller amounts of images, making them easy to find later down the road.

Make sure to save your photos to a few locations. While cloud services offer a lot in the way of accessibility, there’s always the chance for things to disappear. Same goes for computer drives, or even scrapbooks. Pick a few different ways to save your photos to ensure if you lose them in one place you’ll have backup copies somewhere else.

Clutter is another big problem you can take care of a little bit at a time. When you’re spending time transferring images, remember not every photo needs to be saved. Many people will take several versions of the same photo to try to pick out the best one. Make sure to delete the unwanted versions before you save them somewhere else.

How you organize your vacation photos after you transfer them is very important. I like to save my photos by year, with several subfolders in each year. It’s so much easier to remember where to find specific photos if you start with the year and work your way from there. 

Another great way to preserve your vacation photos? On a collage photo blanket from The Memories Place! A woven collage blanket is a great gift for everyone you enjoyed your vacation with, so they’ll always have a keepsake of a wonderful family getaway. Upload some of your favorite photos on our site and we’ll send you a few designs for your approval. It’s as simple as that! For more photography tips and to learn more about our products like us on Facebook!