One of the most enduring gifts involves blankets to the couple. In old times, linens were very valuable and hard to come by, so to give a newly wedded couple a set of linens or quilts was a high quality gift indeed. 

In fact, one of the most popular quilt pattern of today is known as the Double Wedding Ring, and features interlocking circles that signify the eternal circle of marriage. Few people are able to share a vintage Double Wedding Ring quilt with a newly wedded couple, but can still provide a unique gift that harkens back to ancient traditions with a little modern twist thrown in. 

A photo blanket may be today's answer to a Double Wedding Ring quilt; a picture blanket is a high quality digital image that is transferred to a blanket that is usually made of cotton or fleece. 

The nice thing about these photo blankets is that they are often inexpensive to buy, the image is usually of very high resolution, and it is a sentimental and yet practical gift.

Since there are so many companies online for you to choose from, try to find one that has been in business long enough to have a good, solid client base. Do not always just go by the prices a company charges, because sometimes good quality items will cost slightly more but will be well worth the extra expense. Check out the Wedding Photo Blanket Selection at the website.