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Memory Blankets as Gifts

Posted by Jamie Bliss on 11/3/2015 to Photo Blankets
Memory blankets are a unique gift, a gift that offers a new perspective on memories. There is nothing more personal, more emotional and more treasured than our memory. It’s the only thing that can never be taken away from us. We can lose them for a while sure, but they are always with us. Make that doubly true with memory blankets. The ideal way to bring your personal, or family history to life. 

A blanket on its own is a warm, comfortable thing that offers a hug when you get home from work, reassurance when you’re feeling down or security when you’re afraid. Add to that by having a treasured memory woven into it and make a special gift, even more so. 

Enjoy more warmth, more hugs, more reassurance and more security by adding a personal memory to that blanket. Memory blankets really are the perfect gift. Ever since childhood, blankets have a place in our consciousness. Be it a blanket knitted with love, or bought with feeling, blankets have been a part of our lives since the moment we were born. 

The first thing to touch our newly born skin was a blanket as we were wrapped up and presented to our proud parents. Ever since then, blankets have been used to keep us warm, dry us off and be a part of our lives. Modern technology hasn’t replaced them. Central air can’t replicate the warmth, alarms can’t replicate the security and control of our environment can’t beat the reassurance of wrapping yourself up in a blanket and hiding from the world. That’s why memory blankets make such good sense. 

They use one of the most emotionally charged items we own, and add to it by printing a treasured memory onto it. Whatever feelings that blanket may have evoked in the past, are now multiplied by a significant amount. Memory blankets are the perfect gift, not just because of what they are, but because of what they mean.

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