Our Guarantee to you is simple........

Your complete satisfaction is our only goal.

If you are not happy with the product, The Memories Place will refund your payment. 

We WILL NOT refund any shipping costs you may have paid and we WILL NOT refund any money or shipping on items going outside the USA.  

We are not a shipping company and cannot be held responsible for delivery problems once the product leaves our facility and is handed off to the carrier.


In the unlikely event of a problem, just call us within 7 days of receiving it for a Return Authorization Number.   We can not refund any payment without having the original product returned first.  It must be returned to us in South Carolina prior to any action on our part.  


Our guarantee is a refund of your purchase price and obviously will not cover items where you have misspelled a word or sent in the wrong picture or decided later you wanted a different product.

Sorry, due to the personalized nature of this product no substitutions or cancellations are possible.

Still have questions.........read this from Connie in Kentucky:

"I'm not generally one to complain, so when I received an ordered product recently and wasn't satisfied, I just accepted thinking it was too much of a hassle to return. However, when invited by e-mail to write a product review, I did so. To be quite honest, I was shocked to receive your notification that I'll receive a refund. I do love the blankets that we ordered from you (but - didn't like the pillows...).Looked for someplace on your site to add a bit of information, but didn't find an appropriate venue. So - I just want to let you know...your customer service is outstanding. Before receiving that e-mail, I probably would have looked at other vendors to purchase similar products in the future. However, your company will now be the first I turn to for purchases because I know you are sincere in standing behind the quality of your products."

More questions?.........hear what Melissa in Texas has to say:

"You represent high integrity which is hard to find these days. I have you guys in my favorites and will come to you first for future needs! You absolutely honor your 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will be highly recommended to my friends, family, and associates."