There are a myriad of canned gifts for a graduate, but giving a personalized gift can mean so much more. 

One way to mark the transition is to take a collage of school photos and make a photo blanket from it. It will make a personal gift the high school graduate can use for many years to come. It can even go off to college with them. 

Another way to give a photo blanket as a gift is to find a picture of the graduate on their first day of school. Many parents mark that day with a special picture of their little one going off to school for the first time. When that child get through their years of schooling, that is a great way to bring that first day of school back into the picture. 

Having the picture of the first day placed next to the graduation day is a great gift to give the parents of the graduate. It gives them a touch point in their child's life.

College life can be a major change for a young person. Going from high school to college marks the transition to full adulthood and its responsibilities. Gifting such a student with a reminder of their high school years can give them a comforting item to use when they are feeling a bit lonely and lost in their new environment. 

Taking photos of their high school years with friends can be a great way for them to remain in touch with their home while stepping out into their college adventure. Do you have a young person in your life graduating from high school this year? Then you should get started on gathering the photos you want to include on the blanket. You might ask her friends for photos that the family has never seen. Ask the parents for special photos as well. Put them all together and get your order in a couple of months before graduation. 

When the party starts, you can give your new graduate a present that they will love for many years to come. Get your photo gathering started today. Visit  for Collage Photo Blankets For Graduates.