When your high school student is ready to graduate and face that next big step in life, you want to be sure to give her a gift that she will use and enjoy. Money is always a great graduation gift because every high school kid loves money. But money disappears quickly and is not something she can hang on to for many years to come. A photo blanket is a graduation gift that she will never forget and it is also something she can use even after she had graduated from college and has moved on to start her first job. The trick to giving the perfect photo blanket graduation gift is in finding the right photo subjects to put on the blanket. Parents are known for making bad decisions when it comes to finding the perfect pictures to give to their graduate as gifts, but with a photo blanket, those problems are eliminated. A few pictures of the family in a collage on a fleece blanket can make a memorable graduation gift. The graduate's parents can get together with her friends to put together a collage of pictures from her high school days that she will really appreciate. For the high school friends looking for the ideal graduation gift, there are few gifts better than a photo blanket. The high school sweetheart can give the gift of a photo blanket with a picture of the happy couple on it. The friends of the graduate can get together and put together a photo blanket of pictures from elementary and middle school. Sometimes those very old memories are the ones that a high school graduate will hold most dear. If you want a graduation gift that will really make an impact, then have a blanket made from the graduate's graduation picture. Whether the blanket is fleece or woven, the effect will be a blanket that the graduate will either want to display forever, or put into storage as soon as college begins. You can be sure of one thing, when your graduate starts having kids of her own, that blanket will come out of storage and be the center of attention for the entire family. The reason that a photo blanket makes the ideal graduation gift is because it can help to capture important moments from the graduate's life on something that the graduate can use for many years to come. A blanket is a practical gift that a college student will appreciate. A photo blanket is a gift that will become a treasured memory of an important time in the graduate's life. Keep your grad warm with memories on photo blankets at www.thememoriesplace.com.