Special people pass through our lives. Some move away. Some pass away. If someone special passes away, being able to remember that person is important to family and friends. Memorial gifts should be personal due to the nature of the situation. A common choice is to make a donation in the name of the deceased. However, sometimes you want to memorialize the departed with a material gift. Photos can evoke the face of the departed and bring smiles to the face of those left behind. A unique use of photos is in a photo blanket. These picture blankets make personal memorial gifts for those grieving the loss of someone special. A collage of pictures can capture the life of the departed person. It can go back to the first photos taken at birth and go through the end of their life. A person's life is marked by special moments that their family and friends want to remember even if that person is now gone. A collage is a perfect way to bring special moments together into a single arrangement. That way, the people looking at the collage can remember special times and see how a person's life changed and emerged with time. The collage can easily be transferred to a blanket for a more unique personal gift. For someone who is deeply into family history, commemorating those who have gone before is something they would do. Making a collage of old family photos is a great way to gift the family historian and to memorialize those who have passed on. This type of gift is something that can be passed on to those who appreciate family history in the future. The blanket can focus on one branch of the family or on many branches in the past. The choice is yours. Pets are a part of the family for many people. When a beloved pet has passed away, it can be quite emotional for the owners. A picture blanket makes a great way to memorialize the pet in a way that the owner will love. They will have the image of a beloved member of the family on something they can snuggle with when missing the animal. Memorial gifts are something that should honor the departed while comforting the living. A blanket with a photo of the deceased offers the right balance between the two. Do you have someone you want to memorialize by ordering today? Find Personalized Memorial Gifts to always remember your loved one at the www.TheMemoriesPlace.com website.