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Picture Blankets and Photo Throws

Posted by Jesse on 10/22/2015 to Photo Blankets

Simply put, it is because they can be customized and obviously, having a photograph of a favorite person,  pet, or maybe vacation spot on a blanket that you see and use every day can delight you.

Customizing your picture blanket can give you both excitement and fun. Imagine yourself picking the photo that you would want to appear on your picture blanket. You can even choose to have multiple photos of you or your family woven into your blanket. 

Nowadays, it is easy to edit a photo exactly to your liking. Software such as Photoshop has made picture editing easier than ever. You can include whatever features you want.  For instance, you can add a background with flowers or show yourself standing by the sea. Everything is possible with picture blankets and photo throws. 

Once you have the perfect photo or photographs, you can start upload them to TheMemoriesPlace  to order your custom-made picture blanket.

Photo blankets and photo throws make excellent gifts. 

If you have parents, grandparents, friends or someone special who loves photographs, one of the finest gifts you can give to them to show how much you care about them is a photo throw blanket. 

These blankets are created by you using the photographs you personally select knowing they would appreciate them. If you have a memorable photo of your kid’s first birthday, making a picture blanket with that photo will result in an ideal gift. If you have someone serving in the military, these photo blankets throws can remind them of you while they are away. 

Likewise, you can have a woven blanket throw with an entire front of the throw showing prized photos of your baby. 

Photo blankets, which are used every day, can help you stay close to people who are far away physically. A photo blanket can serve as that unique and special item that gives joy when it is most needed. 

Not only are photo blankets throws beautiful, they are also very practical. You can use a photo blanket in the same way as you use your normal blanket. And they are machine washable.

Simply send us the photo and we will do the rest. You can select a design for your blanket from our online catalog and suggest any changes that you would like to make.

Regardless of your budget and requirements, you can find a photo blanket that suits you best.

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