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Picture Blankets

Posted by Picture Blankets on 6/1/2015 to Photo Blankets
The American Indians tribes did it, African tribes did it, Maori tribes did it, some tribes still do it. 

Picture blankets are the logical next step in creating items that tell a story, and preserve memories. 

Most of us have photographs on our walls, or in frames around our house. We like to be reminded of time past, or people that are close to us. Traditionally, paintings and putting pictures into frames has been the only way to have their image present when they are not. Digital photography has opened up a completely new vista. The flexibility of the medium, and the ability to freely manipulate the image without damaging the original is a great asset. Copies can be made, resized, enhanced, overlaid with text or other images and generally be tailored to fit a particular purpose. 

Picture blankets are a great canvas for this kind of imagery. It’s large, useful, and can be used as a fabric canvas for your favorite photographs and memories. Using a quality material, you can have surprisingly detailed images put onto fabric. For not a lot of money, you can preserve your fondest memories on a picture blanket. They also make great gifts. I can’t think of a more personalized gift than the gift of memory. It’s so original, so personal, that it simply cannot fail as a tear-provoking gift for someone you love. Being reminded of happy memories every time you go to bed or relax on the sofa is a great way to make someone happy. 

 It’s also a great way to remember someone who has passed. Honor their memory and remind yourself of them every day by having their photos immortalized onto a picture blanket. Never be without them, never forget them, and keep them in mind when you most want to with a photo blanket. It’s the best way to keep them around. 

Pictures on the wall, or in frames gather dust and are soon outside our consciousness. We see them, but don’t see them. We become blind to them, and they no longer have the power they once had. A picture blanket avoids all that by being interactive and useful. A blanket used on a bed or as a throw, comforter on the sofa, or used as a wall covering will never be forgotten. It’s used every day, and it a constant reminder of happier times, people or places that have passed, or significant events in our lives.

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