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Picture Throw Blankets Are Perfect Family Gifts

Posted by Gwen on 6/8/2015 to Photo Blankets
Most gifts we buy today are judged more on how much they cost rather than what they mean. 

Often this is because they don’t actually mean anything. Electronics or clothes gifts are too impersonal, experience gifts are all too brief, and food or consumable gifts aren’t around long enough to truly appreciate. 

Picture throw blankets on the other hand can be around for years to come. There is nothing more personal than memories. That makes these picture throw blankets the ideal gift for anyone. They would mean the world to a grandparent, even if they don’t want a gift. The ability to recall memories every time they use or look at a picture throw blanket is priceless. 

Even the inability of a teenager to express their feelings can be overcome with a gift that celebrates their life so far, or a significant event. That makes picture throw blankets ideal gifts for families. They are gifts that are all about meaning and less about cost. They are helping us go back to the true spirit of gift giving, and is something to be celebrated. 

The wow factor, the tear in the eye and the emotional thank you is all you need when giving picture throw blankets as gifts. You have the pleasure in the knowledge you’re making someone very happy. You’re making a real difference to somebody’s life and giving something truly valuable. Not only does everybody use blankets to keep warm or offer comfort, but they also relish their personal history, well the good bits of it anyway. Careful selection of images to evoke positive emotions and memories is what makes picture throw blankets work. 

Using random images won’t have the same effect as using truly meaningful ones. That could be anything from births, marriages, christenings, sports wins, significant achievements, graduation, bridal showers, or the myriad of events that brighten our lives. Create picture throw blankets from a single image, or from a collage made up of many. How you create the blanket is part of what makes it special. Selecting special memories is what’s behind the true power of these picture throw blankets, and what evokes the emotion you’re looking for.

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