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Picture Throws

Posted by Jamie Bliss on 11/1/2015 to Tips & Tricks
To make the most of picture throws, there are a couple of things to bear in mind. The better the quality of the picture, the better the end result. It stands to reason that the better the photograph, the better the picture throw will be. Don’t be afraid to make digital copies of the picture and play with them in an editing program on the computer. You can remove flaws, edit out objects or enhance the picture overall. Do what you can to provide the best quality picture you can. It will be worth it in the end. 

When selecting photographs for picture throws, choose ones that have a high contrast. They translate best to fabric and allow much more detail to shine through. There needs to be a definite difference between the light and dark aspects of the photo in order for it to show up effectively on picture throws. Ensure the subject of the picture takes up most of the space. We want to see what the picture shows clearly, so make sure it’s front and center in the photograph. 

If that’s a single person or item, then they need to take up three-quarters of the frame. If it’s a group of people, they need to take up the vast majority of the picture. Choose pictures that are well focused and sharp. The fabric of picture throws is soft, and some definition can be lost during printing and weaving. This is purely down to the fact that we’re using fabric here and not photo paper. It doesn’t detract from the end result, but it means we need a very sharp photograph to make the best possible picture throw for you. 

Remember all those things when you send us your images and we can make you picture throws you can be proud of. Make them for yourself, as a gift for a loved one, or for any reason at all. Give us good material to work with and The Memories Place will guarantee picture throws to be proud of.

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