Preserve Your Memories with a Collage Photo Blanket!

Many people in today’s digital age do not have the time and energy to preserve memories like how our parents and grandparents did in their time.  

We at The Memories Place are a one-stop location to create photo blankets to preserve your memories. We make sure that we give you interesting options to celebrate life with your loved ones. While we will outline what we can do for you, let us first talk about why preserving memories is a great idea!


Benefits of Preserving Memories

While one doesn’t require to talk about lengths on why we must preserve the little moments that bring us joy and happiness. Many times, in today’s fast-changing digital world we forget to wait and enjoy the little pleasures of life. Preserving memories is one of them.

You must keep pictures, albums, collages, and videos of important events. Some of the benefits of doing this are to ensure that you are transported back to those times by simply looking at them whenever you can. Another benefit is keeping a count of the good things that happen to us in life. When one gets down, it is thinking about the good times that help them get themselves back up again. We also recommend keeping memories preserved to show your children and grandchildren how you lived and enjoyed life. These are the little things that matter to us most and thus, deserve to be preserved and kept safe.  


A Collage Photo Blanket

One way to very efficiently preserve your memories is to make a collage photo blanket. What is it, you ask? Well, what is better than a few scattered photos? A collage that collates them in creative ways to display on a blanket that you can actually use is always a great idea. These also make a lovely gift for your friends and loved ones. Everyone appreciates a good collage of pictures. Whether it be any occasion, these will make a good gift. You can make a themed collage with us for an anniversary, holiday, wedding or graduation and give it as a gift to your loved ones.

If you wish to celebrate the little joyful moments of life, you can do this by making a collage about the same. Maybe it’s your anniversary, a child’s graduation or a wedding perhaps and you are confused about what would make a great present. How about gifting them a heartfelt collage featuring important milestones of their life? It would take them down the memory lanes and give them the strength to keep going forward during the difficult times.  Making a collage is a wonderful way to celebrate life! Many things will slip you by, but with a collage, you can make sure that you don’t forget to cherish a few happy moments.

Here are some of the features of a woven photo blanket:

1. Woven on Jacquard looms

2. Multiple sizes

3. 100 percent cotton

4. Can be machine washed with mild detergent

5. Non-chlorine bleach can be used

6. Fringe around all sides

7. Woven in America!


Please take a look around at our website to explore the various options we have. And contact us now if you wish to make a photo blanket for yourself or a loved one!

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