Most people have that one picture they took that they really love. It doesn't have to be a picture of someone you know or something you own, it can be a picture of anything. Many people have that one picture of a beautiful sunset they took that looks like a professional took it. They use that picture as the background picture on their social networking pages and they even use it as the personalized image on their credit cards. When you have that one special picture that you want to preserve, there is no better way to do it than with a photo blanket. If there is that one picture you hold on to and use when you need something to show a bit of your personality, then that is the image you want to put on a fleece or woven blanket and have access to it whenever you want. If you need to find that perfect gift, then there is no better gift than having someone's favorite picture put on a blanket. Even if that picture is a funny or embarrassing picture, you will be surprised at how much a photo blanket makes that picture a treasure. When you can cuddle up with your favorite image, it tends to make the memories of that picture warmer as well. The great thing about technology is that we can take pictures from any day or age and put them on a photo blanket. If there is a picture that your grandmother treasures of her mother, then have it put on a photo blanket as a gift. It will be a blanket that your grandmother will never want to part with and it may also wind up becoming a family heirloom. The next time that you are looking for the ideal gift, consider a photo blanket. But it is also important to remember that photo blankets can be more than gifts. A photo blanket is something you can use to help preserve your own photos and turn them into something more than you ever thought they could be. Try to picture the photo you took of that New England sunset on your vacation as a fleece blanket that is four feet by six feet. Not only have you used that image to create a blanket that you can treasure for many years to come. But you have also found a way to preserve that image and allow you to pass it down to future generations. Blankets are not just practical gifts, they can also be an expression of your personal art as well. Visit for creating photo blanket memories.