Wedding Photo Collage

Pillows. Totes. Blankets. Canvas prints. You name it, and The Memories Place can set your most cherished photographs into it.

The beauty of this idea is that after you create one, you'll only be all too thrilled to create others and gift them as holiday specialties. Give one to your significant other for the upcoming seasonal holiday, or perhaps for their birthday. It's both a personal gift and a reminder of that beautiful day when you both said "I do,"officially beginning your lives together.

And you'll get to enjoy the gift as well, seeing it draped across your bed or set beautifully on the couch, hung with care as a tapestry on the walls. Share this gift the way the two of your will share your lives.

You might even consider that this could become a yearly ritual for the two of you. To have updated anniversary photos taken and made into a beautiful photo blanket collage, or set of throw pillows.

Make Your House A Home

Personalizing your home and imprinting the lives of you and the other loved ones who live inside it can be a simple thing if you consider that pictures are worth a thousand words. And given that, a photo collage would be worth an infinite amount. Think about how wonderful it would be to have guests walk into your home and know that, immediately upon entry, they can feel your family's love and warmth all around them. There's nothing sweeter than that feeling.

To Create Your Wedding Photo Collage

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