They allow the receiver to make their own decisions about their purchase. If you know someone who's very particular about their purchases and possessions, a gift certificate is the perfect selection when you want to surprise them for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, etc. Giving someone a gift certificate allows both parties involved a lot of freedom.

Your Freedom

It can be hard to give a gift. Not many people understand that. Choosing a personal gift for someone is difficult, especially if you simply want to get the selection right. No one wants to disappoint the gift receiver with their selection. It's problematic enough as is, to select a store or location to shop at, so going deeper, selecting a gift that's perfect for the person you'll be giving it to can be an undoubtedly stressful situation.

So now, with gift certificates, you have a lot of options:

- Select the denomination, give options for $25 minimum, $50, $75, and $100 maximum.
- Create the personalized message that will come with your gift
- Choose the quantity or number of gift certificates

The Receiver's Freedom

With a gift certificate to, your receiver has a lot of options available. With customizable photo blankets, the options are so endless!

The general ideas surrounding gift certificates is that they're impersonal. This isn't always the case—it certainly isn't the case with a gift card purchased through The Memories Place. Why? Because the receiver still has the option to personalize the item or items that they buy. For all the giver knows, the receiver could receive the gift card and then design a set of throw pillows with the giver's image on them, perhaps an image of the giver and receiver together.

That's personalized gift giving at its best. With gift certificates from The Memories Place, you choose how much to purchase, they choose how much to spend—and not only that, but they also decide exactly how to spend. And that's half the fun.

Have you ever received a gift certificate to someplace great? Tell us where?