Top 6 Housewarming Photo Blanket Gift Ideas

Setting up a new home is stressful. You need to get the right furniture, the right curtain, and the right everything. But once that home is perfect, the homemaker can rest and the people invited to the house warming party begin to worry. Housewarming gifts are an ideal way to capture the spirit of newness and help residents feel comfortable in an unfamiliar place.

What is the perfect housewarming gift? What can you possibly give to a new homeowner that they might not already have invested in, a plant, a painting, or a lamp? The list is endless and there is no right answer. However, there is one idea that will definitely be a hit; a personalized photo blanket!

A photo blanket or a wall hanging or even an afghan throw is a thoughtful gift that will make sure that the receivers smile. They will feel good and warm every time they see that art piece. It will most definitely make people smile if nothing else. These blankets are also long-lasting as the image does not fade, it is woven in with skill and love which will make it last a lifetime.  Pick the right base first and then move onto picking the right image or the right message. You can design it with patterns on the borders as well and make it colorful so that it adds some life to the wall as well. You can go in for a single photo or a photo collage with a lot of happy memories. If you cannot find pictures then you can find a nice heartfelt quote or put the names of the family members with an outline of a home. If they have a pet, you can put the outline of the pet on a pillow cover too. The options and ideas are so many. Our skilled weavers will take one week to make the blanket and it will take another week to reach you so you will have to make sure to plan it right.


We at The Memories Place have something here for any style and any budget. We have detailed 6 ideas that you can choose from!


1. A blanket/ afghan throw with a family photo

These classic family photo blankets make excellent housewarming gifts, utilizing not many materials. They remain in good shape while keeping a soft and natural look.


2. A blanket/ afghan throw with a family photo and a heartfelt message

Customize any blanket with a cute family photo along with a heartfelt message. Mix together the colors in your design, ensuring that it appears bright and eye-appealing. Maybe pair with matching pillow covers.


3. A blanket/ afghan throw with the family name written on it

From pillow shams to throw blankets, create a gift set of personalized bedding and cozy home accents that warm your loved one’s new house. Design each item with photos, stylish designs, and their names.


4. A blanket/ afghan throw with an outline of the family pet

Gather together your favorite memories of the family pet and cover the blanket with images of the cute relationship. Personalize with a special message and gift in a set of two for a couple moving into a new house.


5. A blanket/ afghan throw with ‘home is where the heart is’ or a ‘home sweet home’ quote and a family picture!


6. A blanket/ afghan throw with a family collage and names of everyone

With its use of thick soft yarn and warm, earth-toned colors, this abstract blanket or afghan takes on a rustic feel. Use a weaving loom to build a personalized blanket, alternating patches of color, and thread thickness for a quilt-like appearance.


Home décor presents are always personal when created by hand. Narrow down your selection of housewarming present by combining your friend’s home style and your strongest DIY skills. Be sure to pair each gift with a greeting card that makes them feel welcome in their precious new home.

Wonder where to get your personalized blanket? Visit us at The Memories Place! We have been the leading personalized blanket maker for 16 years. Our expert weavers will carefully make your image come to life. We will ensure that you get your blanket exactly how you planned it. Our aim is to spread happiness and bring people closer by creating personal items. Visit us today to get your blanket!

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