Top 7 Photo Blanket Ideas for the Sports Fanatic

It is rather difficult to find the perfect gift for a sports fanatic or a sportsperson. What do you get them? On such occasions, the answer is definitely personalized blankets! The best thing about these blankets is that you can get them customized however you want, with absolutely any design or photo and it will make it a perfect gift. Here are some gifting ideas.


1. Sports Team Photo Blanket

The best gift you can give to a person involved in a team sport is a blanket with the team’s photo on it! It is a very thoughtful gift for a person who is a part of a team that is like their second family. You can give it as a farewell gift for a member who is leaving or to your coach as well to show your appreciation and love. You can design the blanket with either just the team’s photo or with the photo and with some details of all the tournaments won or literally anything you want. Change the size of the photo and the size of the blanket to find the right kind for you.


2. Golf Photo Blanket

Wondering what to gift a golf lover? You can go in for a photo blanket or a tapestry with a photo of the person swinging that club or receiving an award for some tournament.  It can be very difficult to gift sportspersons and this is one of the cute ideas available. Choose the size of the photo you want and get it personalized for their use.


3. Bowling photo blanket

If only you could get a bowling freak a bowling alley or some pins as a gift. Instead, you can get a photo blanket customized just for them. Find a picture of them in the one or with some pins and get it put on a blanket. You can design it however you want, with some bowling pins on the side of the details of their best game. A photo blanket will remind them of all the good times in one go, just by one simple look. Make sure to have the design in your mind and we will make it as per your wish.


4. Baseball Photo Blanket

Get a personalized photo blanket for a baseball player to show your admiration for them, their sport, and the hard work they have put into it. Find a photo with the person playing baseball and get it customized with the designs and patterns you want. You can get a big blanket made or a medium-sized tapestry that they can hang around the house. A simple photo blanket is so memorable and gives a different kind of feeling when gifted. You are able to tell them how much something means to you in a way that they like.  You can put pictures of baseball bats or gloves on the side and make it playful as well.


5. Soccer Photo Blanket

A soccer photo blanket will be a very colorful and fun gift to give someone. You can already picture how lively it will be with a green background and a nice photo of the person playing the sport.  Find a good picture of the person with the ball or about to take a shot and get it put on a blanket or a tapestry or even a towel. You can design the blanket with soccer balls on the side and make it lively, include some details of their first match or their first tournament to make it more endurable.  


6. Basketball Photo Blanket

The best gift to give a basketball player is an item that commemorates their sport and the team they have played with. Find a nice picture of the entire team and get it put on a blanket with whatever design that comes to your mind. You can put the details of their highest score or the number of tournaments they have won to make it interesting. Choose an appropriate background color to make it all sit together and you will have yourself a wonderful gifting option. You could also put a photo of their favorite basketball team as well.



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