A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes, it still doesn’t say enough. This is where text and captioning comes in. A few words can be used to create the right emphasis and elevate a photo from just a picture to a statement. Photo blankets are attention grabbers. Once your guests discover them, they will be full of questions. You can decide to place a little basic information on the blanket to help guests avoid asking the same questions over and over. Text can help convey a message that a picture can't.

For example, if you have placed your beloved pet on a photo blanket, you can also add his or her name, as well as the birth and death dates (see featured pic). That way, you can avoid the unpleasant confusion if you happen to have another pet that looks very similar to the one on the blanket, as many people do. In addition, you can use text to convey a message. Instead of displaying obvious information like the dates the photos were taken or where your wedding was, you could place one of your favorite quotes or biblical verses on the blanket instead. This can help your photo blanket be incorporated in to your décor instead of standing out in a negative way. In this way, a photo blanket can say more about who you are and your philosophy about life than a houseful of cute plaques and photographs. 

Text on photo blankets can also highlight personal achievements. For a graduate photo blanket, you may include text that covers academic highlights. For sports blankets, text can include the team(s) you played for, championships, awards, or even stats. Text can show the period that you spent serving your country in the military, or how long you lived in a certain location. Text can also be used to help you remember important events on your photo blankets. You can capture a photo blanket with a collage of vacation photos so that you can remember the exact location and dates of your special trip. This will be useful, especially if you have younger kids, as they grow and you can share stories of all the happy memories from their childhood.

 Let us create the perfect photo blanket with text. We can caption any image to highlight whatever message you want to convey. Be sure to visit our website to customize a photo blanket with text. Follow us on Instagram for more photo blanket tips!