Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you are on a budget but still want to surprise your sweetie with something special there are lots of options for gifts that cost less than $30. So stay in your significant other’s good graces and buy them something special without dipping too much into your bank account with these ideas:

Wall Art. Our Soul Mate Wall Art is priced just right, at $29.98 and is the perfect way to create a custom gift for your Valentine while saving enough for a special dinner out. Include your name’s and our experts will get to work creating your custom Valentine’s surprise. All the hanging hardware comes with the art piece that fits perfectly in any room in your home.

Digital Photo Frame. You can search eBay for some affordable digital picture frames that will shuffle thousands of pictures and videos. Most cost less than $30 and will help you remember some of the special memories in your relationship. You will also want to invest in a small USB or SD card that you can use to copy and paste the pictures from your computer into the digital frame. 

Work Out Accessories. If your significant other takes care of their body, take care of them by making sure they have the tools to make their work out pleasurable. Some work out accessories that cost less than $30 include water bottles, fitness trackers, hair ties and select headphones. 

Candles. There are lots of good quality candles online that you can find for under $30 each. Nothing says romance like a scented candle that you can both enjoy after a long day. Candles will help you unwind and get cozy with one another making it the perfect gift for couples!

Roses. Yes you can find roses online for under $30. You may even be able to find them in the store for less than that. I’m not a fan of spending big bucks on flowers that only last a few days anyways, so I always opt for the cheap roses. They usually last just as long and if roses are a must for your significant other, they will never know the difference.

A Giant Thing of Candy. Chocolates are never a bad idea on Valentine’s Day. If you are looking for the perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day gift you’re probably going to find lots of candy options at almost all stores this time of the year. Elegant hand-crafted chocolates may cost you a little more, but even the highest quality candies have options for far less than $30. Get your loved one their favorites and maybe they’ll share a few with you?

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