Winter is one of the slower times for taking family photos. Whether done professionally or not, once Christmas wraps up the memories take a back seat until spring. But winter is a wonderful landscape to capture some truly special family memories. Use some of our winter photo ideas to inspire you to capitalize on the majesty of the colder months.

Sledding is one of the best memories I have as a kid. And I wish that my parents took their camera with them to capture some of those fun times. Sledding in the snow creates all kinds of photo opportunities, and even some videos of the kids going down the hills. Snap pics at the top of the hill, bottom of the hill and on a family ride down.

Taking family pictures in the natural elements can be tricky, but rewarding in the winter. When I lived in the mountains around North Carolina I would always try to hike around a mountain in the snow. The Blue Ridge Parkway would be closed, however you could drive up part of it and walk the rest. Seeing the snow covered valleys by the overlooks made for some really cool pictures. Perfect place to take the kids and have a family photo day! Obviously make sure to dress everyone in layers and don’t stay in the elements too long.

Other than weather, winter isn’t a great photo time because everyone is busy. Whether it’s work, school or after hours activities, the family doesn’t see each other as much. But why not take advantage of the time you do have together to capture special memories? Pictures of the kids competing at their basketball game, pics of family dinner time and other times when you’re together will help you keep the small memories with you always.

What about those who don’t get to experience winter? Millions of Americans don’t live in places that have a lot of snow (or any at all). So the winter pictures in the warmer climates are a little more open-ended. Capture what is unique to your region. By the beach, for example, we experience a very low sun in the winter during the afternoon. So lots of fun pics of the kids running around in a mostly-empty beach with the sun in the backdrop is a natural way to preserve special moments.

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In our next blog we’ll discuss tips to taking pictures in the winter, so come back next month!