Photo BlanketsDo you know the difference between woven and fleece photo blankets? Not to worry if your answer was "no." They are, on their most basic levels, the same thing, and we here at The Memories Place can provide you with each of them! But before we put you in the right direction, here's the inside scoop on all things photo blanket!

Each of the blankets—woven, fleece, throw—can be made to include a photo of your choosing on them. That is what's at the base of this discussion.

There are a few variations of photo blanket and the prime differences are in the gradient and color display of the finished photo blanket.

Woven Photo Blankets

By weaving together colored threads to make up the photo you've chosen, woven photo blankets form a tapestry-like appearance once completed. The end result is often somewhat afghan-like and worn-looking, though no less appealing for it. Woven photo blankets are great for hanging on walls and being draped across the backs of couches. Their aesthetic is just the thing you'll need to give your house a nice home feeling.

Fleece Photo Blankets

Here at The Memories Place, fleece photo blankets are lovingly created by directly transferring the photo image of your choosing onto fleece fabric.

The finished photo quality of the blanket is more clear and "clean looking" than that of the woven photo blankets, but your choice about whether or not to order this blanket or its opposite will come down to what you're using the blanket for: gift, wall hanging, bed throw, etc.

You should also know that fleece photo blankets tend to run much thinner than woven photo blankets, simply because their layering is not as heavily done as woven blankets. Fleece photo blankets have only one layer of fabric.

Gifting These Photo Blankets

Whether you choose woven or fleece, these photo blankets are some of the most unique and individual gifts you'll ever send or receive. Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, wedding gifts, baby showers, christening—you name it, The Memories Place can print you a photo blanket or photo blanket collage for it.

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