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Memory Photo Blanket....a different view

Posted by Jeff Anderson on 10/13/2015 to Holidays
Your clothes carry many special memories, be it your teenage sports shirts, your mother’s house coats or your kid’s layette. Rather than packing away these memories in the attic, you should get them recycled into a blanket that you can look at and cherish forever. 

The material you select for your blanket is entirely up to you. For instance, you can create your special blanket using the lovely t-shirt you wore to an enjoyable picnic at the beach. Possibly it can be made from the adorable tiny clothing worn by your baby when she was a few months old. Or perhaps it can be made from those special sleepers that your son liked to suckle before sleeping at night. 

All these pieces of clothing can be combined to create a special memory quilt. The process of creating a memory blanket usually starts with arranging your special pieces of clothing and cutting them into rectangles and squares of different sizes. All of these articles are then sewn together to form a quilt full of treasured memories. Matching border and background of the material of your choice can be added later to give your blanket that perfect finished look. 

A memory blanket is much more than a blanket made from cut up clothing. It is similar to a scrap book that holds special memories from days past. A memory blanket can be cherished for a lifetime. You can look at it and recall the days gone by. A memory quilt can bring your past to life and take you back in time. It is something you can hold onto and look at. It can warm and enfold you and serve as an embrace or hug.  

Pieces of clothes sewn into a blanket can allow you to remember good times and re-celebrate special occasions. They can also trigger memories of those who have passed away. While your memory blanket may make you cry at times, it will provide countless hours of remembering and reflecting on past events and times spent with those you love. You will experience a great sense of joy while stroking the surface of your blanket and that is why they are made- for keeping great memories alive and fresh. 

A memory blanket can make an excellent gift for any occasion, be it Christmas, wedding, birthday, anniversary, retirement, military homecoming, memorial or graduation. You can personalize your blanket in whatever way you desire with sweatshirts, t-shirts, artwork, photographs, awards, letters, certificates, diplomas as well as blank spaces for autographs. Your memory quilt can be created exactly to your own very personal design.

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