Rachel and John, owners of The Memories Place

 “Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

The Memories Place is an online photo blanket platform where customers can upload photos of their favorite memories and turn them into blankets they can snuggle with and cherish forever. Designed to bring people, friends, and family closer together, the Memories Place is turning 2D memories into 3D gifts - which are a perfect birthday, anniversary, or graduation gift for someone in your life.

How did this kind of creative photo blanket idea come to be? Amazingly, the Memories Place came to fruition by accident! Co-Owner John Lercari was looking for a special, bespoke present to give his wife, Co-Owner Rachel Lercari. During his search (over 20 years ago!), he found a very early generation of a photo blanket and simply couldn’t shake the idea of creating an even better product.

He was hooked on the idea!

John began selling the photo blanket concept as his own, improving the materials and quality of blankets so customers would keep coming back. As Rachel was then party planning for Christmas Around the World, the couple paired their expertise for sales, details, and memories together to arrive at their joint solution.

John and Rachel officially launched the Memories Place in 2002 and thus began a memory of their own that they still love and cling to today.

“Every pivotal moment could become a memory - even the ones happening right now. That memory can be transformed into a priceless keepsake that you will treasure for the rest of your days and years to come. We are so honored that we can to make this kind of tangible memory a reality for consumers everywhere.”

 Rachel, Co-Owner of The Memories Place

The Memories Place is able to breathe life into every kind of celebration gifting occasion, making it a one-stop-gift-shop for friends, lovers, family members, and even co-workers.

Every day, Rachel and John work together to further enhance their platform and service offerings by sourcing the best quality materials for blankets that last. They hope to spend the rest of their lives creating memorable keepsakes to those that come their way.

Whether you’re looking for a custom-made memory blanket or a new kind of tangible memory that can help you hold someone close to your heart, check out The Memories Place today!

The Memories Place is veteran-owned and all our items are woven or printed in the USA. Ordering from us supports a small business that believes in lasting quality. We are the premier provider for customized photo blankets - and we specialize in making your memories last a lifetime.

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