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Photo Throws

Posted by James Michael on 9/30/2015 to Tips & Tricks
Do you want to know the difference between picture blankets, photo blankets and photo throws? Well, they are all the same. These three names are used to refer to the same thing, a blanket (also known as a throw blanket or throw) with your pictures or photos put on them. There are three main types of photo throws, knitted or woven throws and fleece throws. Knitted or woven picture blankets are made by interweaving multicolored threads together to create an image.

Collage Blankets and Throws

Posted by Mike Jessup on 9/27/2015 to Photo Blankets
Collage blankets and throws have gained quite a following since their commercial launch a couple of years ago. Thoughtful consumers soon recognized their potential as excellent gifts for loved ones and a great way to showcase photographs of the past.

What Makes a Great Family Portrait? Tips and Tricks

Posted by Bryan on 9/23/2015 to Tips & Tricks
We’ve all seen them, the family portrait that appears to be something out of the dusty halls of the Adams Family mansion. All the members standing stick straight and everyone appears to be in a state of excruciating pain. Don't fall victim to the bad family portrait. Follow these steps and make your own family masterpiece!

Why Photo Blankets Make Great Milestone Gifts

Posted by Bill Tyler on 9/21/2015 to Photo Blankets
What are milestone gifts? Milestone gifts are those things you give to commemorate an important event in someone's life. Some of the more important milestones include: Significant birthdays such as the 21st or 50th birthday. The birth of a child. Retiring from a career. A marriage.

A Photo Blanket is the Gift They Would Never Expect

Posted by Johnny Lercari on 9/19/2015 to Photo Blankets
Everyone likes getting gifts for their birthday, Christmas or wedding anniversary. Those are celebrations when gifts are expected. But sometimes the most appreciated and special gifts are the ones that are given for no particular reason and during no special time. It is just a gift to show how much you appreciate or love someone. The more unique the gift is, the more impact it will have. When you are looking for that gift that shows how much you appreciate someone, consider giving a photo blanket.

How to Give Great Gifts on a Budget with Photographs

Posted by Johnny Lercari on 9/18/2015 to Photo Blankets
It will probably come as no surprise to many consumers that the average American spends almost a thousand dollars on Christmas gifts and decorations. This can be a big chunk of change, particularly when the economy is down. When you also consider that the unemployment rate has increased, and that the prices of goods have increased, it indicates that many people will struggle financially during the holiday season. Fortunately, with a little creativity and a lot of pre-planning, you can still enjoy your Christmas holidays in style and with little expense. Here are some ideas to help you tighten your belt but still have a great holiday season.

Showing Off Your Wedding Photos

Posted by Candice on 9/17/2015 to Photo Blankets
You've planned and pulled off the wedding of your dreams. Your dress was perfect, your shoes were, perhaps, a little painful after everything was said and done, but no less glorious in their styling. Makeup, hair, bridesmaids, and the groom… everyone and everything in its place.

To top it all off, you've commandeered your ideal photographer to document the fairytale wedding.

And now, you have these photos to always remember the day by. You frame some of them, hang them on walls and place them reverently on mantels and bookshelves.

But what might you do with them? Perhaps you have the perfect photo of you and your other half from your first dance as man and wife. That's perfect. The Memories Place has the solution for you.