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Custom Photo Throw Blankets to Celebrate a Birth

Posted by Jeremy on 8/18/2015 to Photo Blankets
We record every aspect of our lives now that cameras are so inexpensive . Never has photography been so popular, never have our everyday lives been immortalized so often. 

Births are one such event in our lives that we seek to record in every small detail. Time passes quickly, and events like a birth are never repeated in exactly the same way. Our memories are great, but we forget. What was once crystal clear fades with time, and we forget. 

Recording a new life with custom photo throw blankets is a great way to keep those memories alive. The ability to freeze a moment in time is why photography is such a popular hobby. Time moves on, and will always do so. No single moment can ever be repeated in exactly the same way, which is why photographs can be so powerful. 

Combine those images with custom photo throw blankets and you have a life recorded in glorious color. Its isn't just about birth, it could also be about the lifetime of your progeny. Collage photo blankets make for incredibly popular custom gifts that show the evolution of your child. A collage made up of images taken as they age, recording the stages of growth and the development of them as a person. 

While we cannot yet record the mental and emotional growth of someone through their lives, we can record their physical growth. 

Babies and toddlers grow fast, they only slow down once they get to their teenage years, and by then its too late. If you like taking pictures, if you like remembering life-changing events, custom photo throw blankets are for you. Its a gift or a memento that will last a lifetime. Long after the memory fades, your custom photo throw blankets will be there to remind you in detail. 

Failing that, they will always work as great blackmail material for when your offspring being their first girlfriend or boyfriend home! 

Custom photo throw blankets are designed to keep memories alive and remind us all of the passage of time, and of what people mean to us. Using a photo blanket to record lifetime events is a great way to keep images in mind, and save them from being forgotten.

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