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Choosing a Blanket Picture

Posted by Jimmy Price on 8/11/2015 to Photo Blankets
Thanks to digital cameras, we now record our lives more than ever before. Not so long ago, a photography habit needed a healthy budget to maintain. Now digital cameras are available for relatively little money, and phones are beginning to have decent cameras, were never far away from a snapshot. 

So if you have a wide collection of photographs to choose from, how do you choose the perfect blanket picture? The first consideration is the person you're buying the photo blanket for. 

If its for yourself, then selecting the right blanket picture is just a case of searching your image collection for a suitable one and uploading it. That could be a significant event like a wedding, graduation, birthday, birth of a child, achievement like a sports or medal win, or anything you like. You don't just have to commemorate events, you can also make blankets featuring people, places, objects or even pets. 

The blanket picture should be of good quality and mean something to you. If youre planning to use it as a wall covering, then a picture with nice colors and a relaxing scene would be ideal. If that isnt your thing, then take your time to select an image that means the most to you. 

If you're buying the photo blanket for someone else, then the choice of blanket picture is slightly more difficult. The first consideration should be the event or image you want to celebrate. Similar to above, this could be an event like a marriage, christening, baby shower, bachelorette party or something like that. 

It could be a picture of you both, or in a situation that means something to both of you. This is a decision that can only be made by you as it is completely personal. Just be sure that the more thought you put into the blanket picture, the more it will mean to the recipient. 

Once you have selected the blanket picture, its just a matter of uploading it to The Memories Place website and ordering the right sized blanket for your purpose. The rest as they say, is easy!

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