Dads are tired of ties. They receive them for Christmas, birthdays and even Father's Day. It's enough with the ties. This year for Father's Day, give dad something special, and something he will enjoy. Thank dad for all he has done in your life, from driving you to your games, to helping raise your own kids, with a thoughtful gift. If you're stumped thinking of what to buy for your dad this Father's Day, here are a few of our recommendations:

1.  Collage Photo Blanket.     All those family memories that you have of dad can be put on an elegant woven collage photo blanket just for dad. You can put any photos you want on your photo blanket. A lot of people love to share family pictures that are of vacations or other fun times with dad. Dad may also enjoy a few photos of his children through the years. The options are endless, and you can customize as you wish.

2.  Slippers.    Yes it's an old school gift. But I don't know many dads who don't enjoy a good slipper. I also know my dad will use his slippers until the bottoms are completely worn through. If your dad sounds like my dad it's time to upgrade his favorite household shoes. 

3.  Portable grill.      For the dad who loves spending his Saturday afternoons in the fall at the football stadium, a portable travel grill will give him years of enjoyment. Portable grills are great for tailgating with his buddies, however a portable grill can be used by dad year round for camping, picnics and other family gatherings. 

4.  Watch.      Watches are back. While we don't need to wear watches to keep time anymore, they are making a big comeback among men as a fashion accessory. The best name-brand watches (like Rolex) can be expensive, however you can find many fashionable options for under $100. 

5.  Shaving kit.   There are a number of online websites specializing in shaving kits for men. The prices range based on how “elegant” the offerings are.If you are on a budget you can buy dad a subscription to one of the monthly shaving razor clubs to save him some money on his grooming. 

6.   Tech accessories.    This category is broad for a reason: many dads love tech, but on their terms. For example, the professional dad may need an updated tablet, or a way to store it while traveling. Dads who do drive often for work may love a subscription to satellite radio. Dads who love their video games may need a headset controller to communicate with their buddies playing online. Each dad is different, but a tech gift is a great way to go. Don't hesitate to drop hints to dad to see what he needs. 

No matter what you choose to buy for dad this Father's Day, he'll love anything that you put an effort into finding for him. While Father's Day is quickly approaching, we have expedited options if you choose a photo blanket for dad.  

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