Getting kids to cooperate for photos can be one of the many challenging, yet rewarding aspects of being a parent. Get it right and you have a timeless memory of when they were little. If they’re fussy, you’re looking at a long afternoon. One way to get the best pictures of your kids is to think creatively. If your kids are having fun and relaxed you will get better photos than the staged photos at Sears from yesteryear. Here are a few creative kids photo ideas:

Set up a mirror. This is an especially cute idea for the little ones! Get a blanket, mirror and head outside. Set up the mirror and take some photos of their reactions looking at themselves. Babies can’t help but be adorable looking at their reflection!

Action shots on rides. Kids are never more joyful when they’re on rides at an amusement park or the fair. Take advantage of their happy smiles and capture a few photos of them riding along in their favorite rides. Try to avoid larger roller coasters or other highly elevated rides. For best results take them on rides just off the ground, like a merry-go-round.

Use a ladder. For family photos with the kids, use ladders to bring them to your height. Make sure that you are able to stay close to them to keep the ladder secure if they are fussy. Position them at your height and take anywhere in the backyard.

Playing at the beach. Another great natural element for creative kids pictures is the ocean. Use your family vacation to capture your kids happily playing in the sand with their bucket and pail. You can also stage some shots of them playing at the ocean shore, if they feel like cooperating.

Eating ice cream. Not every picture has to be picture perfect! Odds are your kids are going to get ice cream all over themselves and odds are it’s going to make a super cute picture that you’re going to want to remember.

On a nature walk. A great idea for the best fall photos for your kids is to take them on a nature walk. Visit a local park and capture the kids running around with the colors of fall as your backdrop.

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