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Go ahead, cuddle with your pet

Posted by Johnny Lercari on 8/27/2015 to Photo Blankets
Photographs make good keepsakes, but they aren't particularly cuddly, nor can they keep you warm. Instead of a small photograph, try a customized photo blanket that showcases your best picture of your beloved pet.  These personalized photo blankets feel cozy and snug during chilly nights, yet look vibrant enough to display on a sofa or as a throw on a favorite chair. Pet photo blankets make a durable keepsake, too, for those who want a warm and beautiful memorial to a pet who has passed. Remember him at his happiest with a custom blanket bearing his picture. If you find it hard to choose which picture of your pet to choose, try a photo collage; the fidelity of current technology means every image will stay true to life. These blankets also make wonderful gifts for your freinds who are pet lovers. You know a proud pet owner will cherish a custom photo blanket printed with images of a beloved companion. Warmth is what these pet photo blankets will give you or a dear friend or relative who receives one as a gift.

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