Photo blankets are a great gift idea for a lot of different occasions. Today's technology has made it easy for people to get so much better quality out of these blankets and they are available in every style and size imaginable to add the perfect touch to any home. Whether you have a new baby, a wedding to celebrate, or any other special occasion, photo blankets are a great choice. Our photo blankets make a wonderful, warm gift and customers love to wrap themselves in our photo blankets. 

While they make a comfortable, warm way to remember a moment, pet, or family member, our photo blankets can also be used as home décor! April is National Decorating Month, a time of the year when Americans all over the country begin spring cleaning and looking at ways to revamp the home. 

 If you are looking for a unique way to spruce up your home, think about incorporating a photo blanket in your home decorating. Photo blankets can provide a simple addition to your home that will be an instant conversation starter among your guests! Hanging photo blankets on the wall in your home is a great way to display this unique creation. 

While you may think of hanging blankets as a Southwestern-motif only, hanging blankets is becoming more common among other style's of home décor. Think of the blanket as a tapestry, a real-life moment in time that is also a great piece of art. The photo blanket can also accent other décor alongside it. A collage photo blanket of a family vacation, for example, can be hung on a wall next to some items from the vacation (like seashells from the ocean). 

 Another great way to hang a photo blanket is with other personal items. Many of our sports photo blankets are hung by our customers alongside trophies, medals and/or certificates. Parents will love this shrine of their son or daughter's athletic accomplishments. 

Not sure how to hang your blanket take a look here.

Want a truly unique display for your home? Add your art, or your children's art to a photo blanket, frame it and hang it on your wall! Our smaller photo blankets make great throws. Throw blankets are becoming more popular in home décor as the home becomes more accessorized. Adding a throw blanket to a chair or couch in the living room is the simplest way to give the room more texture. 

Adding the personalized element of a photo blanket to the mix will also give you fond memories of a loved one, special moment, pet, etc. Throws also work great in the bedroom, both as an accent and extra source of warmth on a chilly night. 

 These are just a few ways that you can use our photo blankets to create a whole new look for your home. The inspiration, however, is totally up to you. Be creative and feel free to contact us to share your pictures to let us know how you use your blanket to decorate your home. 

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