Diploma Photo Throw
A Graduation Gift Like No Other

Diploma Photo Throw

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Earning a degree or diploma in any discipline or vocation is a worthwhile accomplishment indeed! Such an achievement is a testament to the level of dedication the graduate put forth into the honing of his or her craft.
Since degrees and diplomas establish instant credibility with others, it is a common practice for professionals to frame up and proudly display their degrees and diplomas for all to see.
Now, thanks to new-world technology and old-school craftsmanship; there is a better method for displaying your prized degree or diploma.
The diploma photo blanket from The Memories Place makes it possible for you to proudly display them – on a custom-crafted blanket made from 100% cotton.
Send in a photo of your degree or diploma and The Memories’ Place will make you proud once again of your memorable achievement!
*Measures a generous 54" x 70"
*Fringe around all four sides
* Proudly woven in the USA
* 100% cotton woven on Jacquard looms
* Machine washable in cold water and tumble dry
* Ships FREE to the Continental USA
Part Number: 1053

There is never a charge for personalization


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