1. Draping your photo blanket over a couch or chair is a popular method of displaying one. This way, it is always at the ready when you need something to keep you warm. This method unfortunately leaves the design only partially in view, so you may or may not always be able to see your loved ones clearly. Nonetheless, you will know who is on the blanket while you cuddle up with it.
2. Using your photo blanket as a bedspread on top of your other linens can be a great way to display this piece. However, this can make some beds too hot, so try another method if you are someone who gets overly warm while you sleep.
3. Hanging a photo blanket like a tapestry is a style that is coming into its own. This can be a wonderful way to create an accent wall that is completely personalized. After all, what is more personal that your family? This is a particularly fun way to display baby pictures or scenic shots from vacations. People have been hanging pictures on the wall for years, but a personalized photo blanket takes this medium in a new direction.