With summer metaphorically behind us, it’s time to turn our attention to fall. If you’re planning a fall photo shoot, whether for your family, a couple or just you, there are a number of fun ideas that will suit your needs. Fall is one of the most photogenic seasons and here are a few of our favorite locations for a photo shoot:

A bonfire. One of the most popular traditions of fall for friends everywhere. No matter where you are located a bonfire is a great way to get everyone together to share stories. Capture those moments with friends and family enjoying the fire on a cool evening. Those natural moments are best to capture without a lot of staging or planning.

Nature trails. Use what you have around you to create the perfect look for your pictures. The Fall Foliage Network will give you an idea of when the leaves are at their perfect color so you can head out on the trails and take some photos. You can even go out every day and capture the full progression of the fall colors.

The ocean. Typically people take lots of pictures of the ocean during the summer months. But the ocean is a goldmine in the fall. Trust someone who has lived by a beach for 5 of the last 7 years. The ocean has a lot to offer in the fall. You’ll see more marine life on the beach and in the water since there are less people around, so watch out for the perfect dolphin shot! Lakes are another great option and offer a lot of beautiful seclusion in non-tourist months.

Waterfalls. There’s something about capturing waterfalls in the fall. The colors in the background, the water starting to rush from storms that bring in the cool air, there’s something special about it. 

A country road. Head out of the city in the fall for the best photos. A dirt road in the fall in a rural setting is a great place for engagement pictures. Find a nearby field to capture the dramatic country-side and your photos will add in the appreciation of a fall harvest.

When you’re done with your pictures put your favorite on a photo blanket! Our woven photo blankets are the perfect way to preserve your memories, and keep you warm as the seasons begin to change! For more photo tips and ideas like The Memories Place on Facebook!